Echo is not a platform for direct impact investment but for impact rating. When buying impact certificates (in short: “immy / immies”) or echoes, no financial flows occur towards the company whose name they may bear.

All impact certificates as traded on Echo as well as Echo’s currency, (“echoes”) are issued by UAB “Echo Impact Exchange Lithuania”. Notably this means that impact certificates are not issued by the company whose name they bear.

Please note: An impact certificate does not grant the owner any legal or financial rights whatsoever as regards the company whose name it bears. Notably, impact certificates are neither shares nor bonds of the company whose name they bear.

UAB “Echo Impact Exchange Lithuania” reserves itself the right to issue, change (in name, denomination, number, etc.) the amount of impact certificates in circulation, if this deemed necessary. Reasons for alterations may be the merger, buy-out, split, spin-off etc. of companies whose impact is traced on Echo via Impact Certificates, as well as fraudulent or maglin activities of users, etc.

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