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We are the groundbreaking impact rating platform that allows a market-based evaluation of companies.

Together, we are Echo.

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Echo currently is in public beta. We create something brand new.
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Repurpose online trading

Trade impact, rate impact

On Echo, you trade impact-related information about companies. You do this by buying and selling immies (impact certificates) of companies.

The logic is simple: higher price = better impact rating.

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You believe the impact of a company will improve? Then buy its immies. You think it’s overrated? Then sell. Many other users do the same and so the immy’s price will rise or fall over time.

Revolutionize sustainable finance
web application

Echo impact exchange – easy to use for everybody

Like your online retail broker, but for immies.
impact rating – democratized

Trading changes everything

Your trades change the prices of immies (impact certificates). So do the trades of others. That way, the market price shows us which companies have the most impact. That means profits for you and better data for impact investing!

Decentralized & Open for all


No dubious ESG analyses

Break the power of biased ESG analysts publishing arbitrary impact ratings. Fight greenwashing in the impact investing industry.


no risk & high potential

Echo will be free to use until winter 2022. And the best part: once Echo has matured, your Ǝ will become convertible into other currencies!


trade for good

You like trading? Trade for good and use your knowledge to revolutionize impact measurement. Your opinion matters!

our mission

Together, we measure how companies affect the world

It matters to everybody.

A business is not just about money. It consumes natural resources, it pollutes – or invents stuff to protect the environment. It might treat its workers badly – or teach and train them.

Impact: how companies affect the world

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities of companies change the world for good or worse. This affects everybody. Echo crowdsources knowledge about the ESG impact of companies and makes them comparable via the immy price.

The impact market

Echo is a market to trade impact information about any listed company. From now on, there will be one measure of impact for each company: its immy price.

A common benchmark

The impact market establishes a common standard to measure the ESG performance of companies. Step by step, all major companies will be listed. It works in real time.

Your knowledge pays off

On Echo, you can trade impact information. It is great: make successful trades while helping to improve the quality of impact ratings.
Together, we identify good companies working on a better world.

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Together, we are Echo.

our vision

A world in which companies’ actions have echoes

Put the investment where the impact is

Based on the data created by Echo, finally people can reliably invest into impact. They can reward the true impact champions based on Echo’s data. Together, we identified the hidden impact champions.

Corporate behavior – our vision

Companies can no longer ignore their environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact. They are rewarded not only for their financials, but also for their performance on Echo. Corporate reports and impact ratings are on a par.

everything impact in a nutshell

Frequently Asked Questions

The activities of companies change the world. Here at Echo, we call the positive effect a company has on the world ‘impact’. Here is an easy way to think about it. Ask yourself: in what ways would the world be worse if the company were not there? The difference between what the world would look like without this company, and how it actually looks like, is the company’s impact. We think focusing on impact is a better way to talk about companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

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