Nov 8, 2021

Let’s revolutionise impact investment

You want to invest with impact, but you don’t know how? We hear you, and came up with an idea!



Let’s revolutionise impact investment

You want to invest in companies with a positive environmental and social impact? You don’t want to rely on intransparent third-party ESG ratings and companies’ own CSR reports for your impact investment? 

We know this feeling, so we came up with an idea: Why not leave the rating of a company’s impact performance directly to the crowd? Why not tap into our collective intelligence? This is why we built Echo impact exchange – a groundbreaking open-to-all platform for rating impact by trading impact (rather than profits). For more transparency, neutrality and participation in impact rating.

At Echo, you rate companies.

Most of us have some knowledge about companies and their impact. There is so much decentralized knowledge out there, but there is no place where it all comes together. This is what Echo can do! Combine your knowledge with that of other impact-oriented investors by trading impact certificates (we call them immies) on Echo. The market dynamics combine into a price signal that doubles as an impact rating. It’s that simple: good companies trade at a high price, bad companies at a lower price.

At Echo, we want money to become part of the solution. That is why our platform comes with its own Echo token. Together with you, we will end the financing of all socially and environmentally destructive companies.

Together, we are Echo

So here we are, embarked on a big mission: to create a more effective and precise way of rating impact. The ratings from our platform will inform impact investment decisions in the future, making sure that the money flows where the real impact is. Echo’s high-performance technology and intentionally designed online experience will enable everyone to trade impact. We are working as fast as we can to bring Echo – the world’s first impact exchange – to you.

We thank everyone for their great enthusiasm and patience as we get ready for a busy next few months. In the meantime, keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, and if you haven’t already, reserve your spot in our waiting list. If you’d like to join our growing team, get in touch!

Curious about Echo Impact Exchange?

Echo is a trading platform for impact rating. That’s right: you can rate companies’ impact by trading their impact certificates. Joining Echo is free for the time being and the profits you make from trading will become convertible to other currencies in 2023!

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