May 5, 2022

Echo: far from perfect (for now)

Echo is live. This means we are done now? Hell, no. There is a long way ahead of us.


Echo: far from perfect (for now)

Echo is live

Does this mean that we are done now? That all we have to do is watch people trade and start another Onboarding once in a while? 

Hell, no. 

As a user, you might yet have noticed – Echo is running, but there are some hiccups here and there: An odd graph, a percentage information not correctly shown, a page loading too slowly. This shows you that our work just starts now.

Echo is just in the public beta stage

There will be many fixes needed to improve usability, speed up things and of course there will be new features added to Echo, too. We will keep you in the loop about these changes. There already is a known issues list in the forum, showing issues we are working on. We are always available for your questions. And you can sign up to our newsletter

There is one important thing we would like to stress at this point: The development of Echo is only possible thanks to you, our esteemed first users! Your activities show us where to improve. Your feedback helps us make our platform better. 

Thank you!

This is why we, the entire Echo team, like to use this blog entry to thank you for your contribution to Echo. For your willingness to be the trailblazer, the first ones to ever trade impact.

We are sure – together we will go far.