Jan 12, 2022

Meet Anna, responsible for Echo’s blockchain integration

A strong background in econ, math, and IT – and the will to re-purpose finance for good.


Meet Anna, responsible for Echo’s blockchain integration

Anna has joined Echo with a simple goal: to make sure that as soon as our Echo coin becomes freely tradeable, everything runs smoothly on our blockchain. For this you need an expert that builds good things from the ground up. And who would be better suited to do this than Anna.

Before joining Echo, Anna studied economics, math, and IT at different universities in Switzerland and Sweden. But while there is no way to do her job without the formal qualification, there can be no progress without the proper motivation.

Anna is deeply frustrated with the current state of impact investing – with greenwashing everywhere, biased analyses, a lack of standards etc. And since she could not find a good existing solution for reliably putting the money where the impact is, she decided to tackle this problem herself and head-on. Sometimes, you just have to build the things you want yourself.

Anna, we’re so glad to have you!

Curious about Echo Impact Exchange?

Echo is a trading platform for impact rating. That’s right: you can rate companies’ impact by trading their impact certificates. Joining Echo is free for the time being and the profits you make from trading will become convertible to other currencies in 2023!

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