Dec 7, 2021

Meet Nick, head of communications at Echo Impact Exchange

Critical economist, surf instructor, impact investment pioneer: Meet Nick, head of communications at Echo.


Meet Nick, head of communications at Echo Impact Exchange

Nick has been on board with Echo almost since the beginning. He is the mastermind behind our communication, marketing and public relations. His job is to convey the idea of an impact exchange so that they are clear and easy to understand.

Before joining Echo, Nick studied critical economics at Cusanus Hochschule, worked for Berlin-based Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) and was part of the German rethinking economics movement. Most recently, he spent six months as a surf instructor in Canada (yes, there is surfing in Canada), so he knows a thing or two about getting important information across.

While working in academia, he found that many important insights and great ideas don’t go far because they are complex and hard to communicate. Nick wants to make sure that this won’t happen to Echo, because impact finance is far too important to remain a niche subject. And because he believes that Echo will make it even more impactful than current ESG investing. His challenge is to communicate our idea in a simple and honest way. Tough job? Yes, but somebody who’s able to convince people that surfing glacial Canadian waves is a hot thing will undoubtedly succeed in conveying Echo’s message.

Curious about Echo Impact Exchange?

Echo is a trading platform for impact rating. That’s right: you can rate companies’ impact by trading their impact certificates. Joining Echo is free for the time being and the profits you make from trading will become convertible to other currencies in 2023!

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