Feb 19, 2022

What Echo Impact Exchange is, and what it isn’t

Echo is the world’s first impact exchange. A groundbreaking idea, which needs some clarification.


What Echo Impact Exchange is, and what it isn’t

Once Echo goes live, the world will have it’s first impact exchange. Let us talk a bit about what an impact exchange is, and what it isn’t.

What Echo is

  • – on Echo, you rate companies’ social impact. You do so by buying the immies (= “impact certificates”) of the good companies and by selling those of the baddies.
  • – on Echo, the social impact of companies gets measured. It’s simply the price of a company’s immies. One single and easily comparable number (unlike ESG ratings).
  • – The currency in which we measure impact is Ǝ (= “echoes”). You can get echoes by participating in all kinds of community activities (like Onboarding new companies) on Echo.
  • – on Echo, it is you who get to say which companies have real impact. We propose an open-to-all trading system instead of backroom ESG-analyses by “experts” on values.
  • – on Echo, you trade each company’s impact value rather than its equity value

What Echo isn’t

  • – an immie is not a share. An immie does not grant you any rights whatsoever as regards the company in question
  • – Echo is not a platform for direct impact investment. Rather, your trading helps separating the good from the bad companies
  • – an immie is not issued by the company in question. It is Echo who issues the immies.

Why do we do all of this?

  • – Trading on Echo helps to identify the true corporate impact champions. We influence corporate behavior, because nobody can hide any longer.
  • – With the information Echo provides, money can reliably be invested where the impact is.


Curious about Echo Impact Exchange?

Echo is a trading platform for impact rating. That’s right: you can rate companies’ impact by trading their impact certificates. Joining Echo is free for the time being and the profits you make from trading will become convertible to other currencies in 2023!

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