Feb 1, 2022

Countdown to trading, part 1 – Onboarding new companies to Echo

Learn everything about impact trading on Echo in this blog series. Today: Onboarding, the process of listing new companies.


Countdown to trading, part 1 – Onboarding new companies to Echo

Day 1: Listing the first companies

On day 1 of Echo, we will start onboarding (or listing) the first companies. This means, we get everything ready so that you can trade their impact certificates – or immies for short.

Before one can trade a company’s immies, the most important thing is that we determine their opening price, i.e. the price trading starts at. And by we, we mean you. Here is how it works:

All participating users vote on the opening price for the immies of each company to be listed. You decide what you think the correct price for one immy of company X is. It’s quick, easy, and fun. Check out the screenshot!

Onboarding periods will last about a week. We then aggregate all of your ratings and combine them into the opening price.

Here is the good part: For participating in an Onboarding, we will reward you with free immies. 

And here is the really good part: The closer you came with your guess to the actual opening price of a company’s immies, the more immies we will reward you with!

The immies you receive for participating in Onboardings will form the basis of your very first portfolio on Echo. You’re off to a great start!

Check our part 2 of our countdown series that deals with our currency and blockchain integration.

Curious about Echo Impact Exchange?

Echo is a trading platform for impact rating. That’s right: you can rate companies’ impact by trading their impact certificates. Joining Echo is free for the time being and the profits you make from trading will become convertible to other currencies in 2023!

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